Cartersville, GA, May 3, 2012 – Metal Conversion Technologies (MCT), LLC, the second largest rechargeable battery recycler in North America, is educating consumers on important safety guidelines for recycling lithium batteries. Many consumers are not aware that shipping lithium batteries to recycling facilities without following the Department of Transportation shipping guidelines can result in an explosion and a fire, either during shipping or at the receiving facility.

Metal Conversion Technologies makes it easy for consumers to quickly obtain the Department of Transportation shipping guidelines to ensure proper shipping. By visiting the MCT website at, consumers can watch a video which demonstrates proper shipping guidelines, download step-by-step instructions, and print shipping labels required for easy identification when shipping hazardous materials such as lithium batteries.

“By following some simple steps to prevent the battery terminals from touching during shipment, consumers can help contribute to a healthier environment by recycling batteries, and can ensure that the batteries do not become a fire or explosive hazard,” said John Patterson, CEO of Metal Conversion Technologies. “Consumers are doing something good for the environment by recycling batteries, but need to be aware of the simple but effective steps outlined by the DOT to help them feel confident that they are safely recycling batteries.”

Lithium batteries produce a higher voltage than traditional alkaline batteries and often have a longer life, resulting in minimizing battery replacement. Lithium batteries are more often used in consumer products including car batteries and smaller devices such as cell phones, remote car locks, watches, digital cameras and camera recorders.

“MCT is genuinely interested in resource conservation, and environmental stewardship is the foundation of our business,” said Patterson. “We truly want to make it easy and safe for consumers and companies to recycle more batteries which results in a safer and healthier environment for us all.”

About Metal Conversion Technologies:
Metal Conversion Technologies, LLC is the second largest rechargeable battery recycler in North America. Based in Cartersville, Georgia, 40 miles north of Atlanta, MCT services recycling programs throughout the U.S. and around the world. In the past five years, MCT has recycled more than 2,000 tons of batteries, and expects to recycle an additional 1,100 tons in 2012. Many Fortune 500 and 1000 companies attain MCT’s recycling services in order to acquire MCT’s Environmental Indemnification, the elimination of the generators’ cradle-to-grave liability responsibility. For more information about Metal Conversion Technologies, visit