Metal Conversion Technologies is an organization dedicated to the collection, processing and recycling of old batteries. Our modern life has come to depend on a steady stream of portable energy and most of that energy is supplied by batteries.  Without battery power, portable music players, smart phones, laptops, wireless keyboards and mice, radios, automobiles, airplanes and much more could not operate. Batteries come in all shapes, sizes and chemical makeups. As batteries have become more sophisticated, they have encompassed more complex chemical and heavy metal combinations, all based on the concept of producing electricity through a chemical reaction.


From the ecological standpoint of MCT, the usefulness and popularity of batteries does not come easy. For all of their convenience, batteries make demands on our environment which are more pressing than other typical waste products. Batteries that decompose in landfills leech chemicals and heavy metals, toxifying our precious soil and groundwater. Recycling batteries is the most reliable way to ensure that these hazardous materials stay out of our ecosystems. Every time MCT recycles a batch of batteries, they are neutralizing environmental hazards as well as benefiting the raw materials-intensive metals industry. MCT’s recycling processes also benefit conservation efforts by extracting the metals in batteries for reuse in the metals industry as a specially formulated alloy.


MCT converts the heavy metals of dead batteries into an innovative Remelt Alloy. MCT’s Remelt Alloy is a useful ingredient in the stainless steel industry, as well as serving other metal works needs. By using MCT’s Remelt Alloy, metal works operations significantly reduce their need for new raw materials, further easing the human burden on the environment. Recycling batteries through the services of MCT is not only keeps contaminants out of the environment. By reusing battery components, BRME helps industry scale back the demand for raw materials, which are often extracted from the earth at great ecological and financial