MCT metal conversion technologies
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Metal Conversion Technologies accepts all battery types for recycling, including the rechargeable batteries pictured above.

mct_battery_recycling_packaging_containers how to recycle batteriesHow to properly package batteries for shipping and recycling how to recycle batteries

Metal Conversion Technologies, LLC is a family owned and operated business known exclusively for providing superior customer service. In 2003, MCT established its battery recycling facility just forty miles north of Atlanta in Cartersville, GA. In just eight years MCT has recycled more than 9,500 tons of batteries, and is on track to recycle an additional 2,600 tons this year.

Our staff has over 50 years of battery manufacturing and process application experience, in addition to process engineering and material handling knowledge.

MCT's patented Induction Melt Technology utilizes the metal components recycled from the batteries in its melt operations to manufacture its Remelt Alloy. This recycled product is a highly sought-after commodity in the United States' Stainless Steel Marketplace.

We offer two distinct services. The first is our recycling service, which is in high-demand and needed in order to satisfy environmental regulations, industry waste disposal policies, and the public demand for consumer recycling services. The second is the demand for recycled materials in order to replace the use of raw materials; MCT's Remelt Alloy meets that need.

Our battery process knowledge and expertise, combined with our patented battery recycling technology, has established MCT as the Low-Cost Leader in its marketplace.

Our turn-key service includes, but is not limited to, freight, collection containers, sorting, processing, and metal recovery via our patented High Temperature Metal Reclamation System.

Many Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies attain Metal Conversion Technologies' recycling services in order to acquire MCT's Environmental Indemnification, which is the elimination of the generators' cradle-to-grave liability.